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Welcome to Foodsy Exports

Manufacturer and Exporter based in India

Rice Exporter in India

Foodsy Exports is a leading manufacturer and exporter of rice in India, catering to a diverse clientele worldwide. Since the start, the company has been successfully meeting the needs of its clients. We’ve become a pioneer in the manufacturing and exporting of agro-foods under the guidance of Mr. Arnav Gupta and Mr. Ankur Garg, the founders of the company. Our dedication to offering exceptional customer service and our top-notch human resources have helped us establish ourselves as pioneers in the production and export of Indian basmati rice.

Through our dedication to quality, which guarantees customer dependability, confidence, and satisfaction while fulfilling global standards of quality, safety, and cleanliness, we work to achieve total client satisfaction. Before beginning global distribution, we undertake stringent quality tests under the supervision of quality experts in accordance with statutory and regulatory standards. We also promise to provide our clients with the best quality available and to make every effort to exceed their expectations.
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What We do

Huge Clientele

We have a vast and varied customer base which includes major multiple supermarket chains, restaurants, hotels, other foods service outlets, wholesalers, and ethnic retail outlets.

The Best Quality

Our products come in different packagings, colors & textures, but all go through a strict quality control right from the source to factories & packaging plants, to shipping until it reaches our customer.

Our Strength

Our strength is our relationship with our partners, customers, sales team, and distribution team. Our ability to understand what our customers’ requirements are and how to keep our promise to our customers.

Customer-Centric Approach

We offer our customers top-quality, sustainably sourced rice with a high sustainability index at affordable prices.

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Spreading the delicious scent of Foodsy Basmati Rice worldwide.

Foodsy Exports offers an extensive selection of Indian rice. From the beginning to the end, every step is carefully crafted to reflect our unique approach to integrity, sustainability, and excellence.

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